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28 June 2016

PNG Institute of Public Administration swearing in its Governing Council Non-Ex-Officio members

The swearing in ceremony of the non-ex-officio members of the Papua New Guinea Institute of Public Administration’s Governing Council is an important occasion as it shows the Government’s commitment to re-building the Public Service.

Members sworn in are:

  1. Mr John Kali, Secretary DPM and Chairman of the PNGIPA Governing Council
  2. Mrs Florence Willie – Representing the Employers
  3. Pastor Kagl Gundu – Representing the Churches
  4. Ms Nena Santa Cruz – Learning and Development Training Societies
  5. Mr Jeffery Kunsella – Representing the National Training Council
  6. Mr Makara Kwapena – Representing the Minister for Public Service
  7. Mr Tony Kolou – Representing all Public Servant undertaking Program at PNGIPA


In marking the occasion, Secretary Kali expressed the importance of the role of the governing council as well as the swearing in ceremony itself.

“We are swearing before God and our people of this country our obligation to serving the people of PNG in developing proper and effective training programs for public servants throughout the country,” says Mr Kali.

“These training programs will be delivered through the PNGIPA learning centers around the country to ensure that we come up with skilled and competent public servants who are able to provide effective, efficient and ethical public services for the good of our people,” Mr Kali adds.

The signing ceremony marks the government’s commitment to re-building the public service in the country. PNGIPA will be delivering programs which will ensure that the people of PNG receive the best benefit.

“The government is investing a lot of money in infrastructure development, securing partnership with international organizations to come and deliver top quality training programs which will be recognized in Australia and in the Pacific region,” says Mr Kali.

The swearing in ceremony was conducted by magistrate Mr Thomas Vogusan and was witness by Director of PNGIPA and all senior Executive Management Team Members of DPM.