Month: <span>February 2021</span>

Hand Over Take Over of Ministry

The incoming Minister for Public Service Hon. Joe Sungi has issued a strong message to all public servants to ensure service delivery reaches the rural people. Minister Sungi made this known during a Handover Takeover ceremony with former Minister Hon Soroi Eoe on the 7th of January.

The incoming Minister says he wants to see a change in the way of doing things in the Public Service. This was the crux of his message during the handover takeover ceremony. “For far too long we have spent time on the “means” but not the “end”. The means is what we do and the end is simply serving our people.

He said, why should someone wait for so long to receive services due to the long queues and processes of the public service system. Minister Sungi said there are very long queue’s and he wants to see it shortened so that the “end” result is realized and that is service delivery reaching our people.

Minister Sungi also highlighted a number of measures he feels should be addressed and some of them are; the appraisal system, organizational structure, Performance Management system and the need for digitization of the public service systems.

He mentioned the need for the appraisal system to be strengthened as it reveals whether an officer is performing or not. He said a lot of actions can be undertaken with the appraisal form. “It can be used to recommend training and even to terminate officers”.

The Minister also spoke about organizational structures where he referred to some departments as having 4 deputies. He said, this shouldn’t be the case and that organizational structures should be standardized across all agencies.

Minister Sungi also mentioned the need for digitization and said it is the way to go. He made reference to the Public Service of India and how a hugely populated country like India with 20 million public servants is efficient and effective. He said, India has the best Public service in Asia and there is a lot that we can learn from. He said, the digitization of the cumbersome processes in the public service can shorten the waiting period. Minister Sungi said he will take on from where the former Minister Soroi Eoe has left off to ensure continuity in the many policy initiatives that has been undertaken.

Public Service Dedication Service

Dedication and Commitment was the main message to all Public Servants by the Public Service Minister Hon. Joe Sungi. Minister Sungi used the dedication service to reiterate the call to public servants to take stock of simple things like being on time, clocking in at 7.45am and clocking out at 4.06pm.

The Public Service Minister was blunt in his message calling on all public servants to be productive, ensure they produce quality work and that they are reliable. The Minister posed a lot of questions to the many public servants who turned up for the dedication service at the Sir John Guise Indoor complex challenging them to ensure they are punctual and that they conduct themselves in a manner fitting for a public servant.

“If you are not working according to the public service hours – then you are a thief. The time is now for PNG to wake up and the wakeup call starts with civil servants”. Minister Sungi said the program is timely. “We cannot do things alone if we don’t have God in our lives”. “Let us change the negative image of the Public Service into positive with pride and people can see that we can prove that we can do better”.

The Public Service Minister in his statement called for dedication and commitment by all public servants. He also revealed that he will be working together with the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Sector Reforms to look into how Public Servants can own property and hire car companies when they are only public servants.

“We will be putting in preventative measures to reprimand public servants who abuse their positions to enrich themselves. Prime Minister Hon. James Marape who delivered the key note address outlined a number of his governments achievements and policy initiatives they have undertaken whilst in office.

When speaking about the Pubic Service Mr Marape said, public service in Waigani is too hierarchical, cumbersome and has too many systematic impediments. He said, it needed to be made lighter, better, smaller effective and efficient – instead of having too many bosses.

He further stated that rural PNG needs to be filled with qualified public servants in order to get on with the business of serving our country. “Let’s shift the excess head and bloated fat from Waigani to the rural areas. I have had the privilege of visiting many of our districts and it breaks my heart to see public servants working very hard in the rural areas with no support from Waigani”.

He called on all public servants to pay respect to front liners like teachers, police officers, HEO’s working alongside missionaries in the rural areas. The Prime Minister also reiterated the call by the Public Service Minister Mr Sungi to eliminate a system of public servants who get benefits for themselves by using their positions. We will put in place better incentives for public servants if they are

In closing— Prime Minister Marape said, there must be no room for complacency and corruption. “I will work towards making ICAC to be fully established”. He said, these are 2 of the cancers that affect our system.  Hon. Marape said, we must have a public service that eliminates asking for favours as public servants and clients of the state. He said, the country’s future is dependent upon what we do today. He called on all public servants to rise up and be committed and that the government will honour its end of the bargain. “It is you and I who will make things happen for this country and no one else.

UPNG students doing their Internship at DPM

8 University of Papua New Guinea Business Management students are currently doing their internship at the Department. The 7 male and 1 female commenced 8 weeks internship in December 2020 and will complete it this month. Most of them are 3rd and 4th year students and see the opportunity to do their internship with the department as a great opportunity that will greatly help them to see first hand what the HR processes are like. Final year student Sylvester Ifina who is attached to the policy branch said, it is an eye opener. “This internship is going to help me very much to get to know more about what it is really like in the actual workforce”. He said, this experience will really help me during my course this year especially in writing reports. Colleague student Emmanuel Wor who is also a final year student this year expressed similar sentiments. “I am really learning the practical side of things and it will help me a lot in my studies especially when conducting research. I have learnt how to write memos etc”. The students have been allocated to various branches within the department for the internship for the 8 weeks duration. Upon completion of their internship, the students will return to school for the 2021 academic year.

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