Month: <span>June 2021</span>

Whole of Government Retirement Info Session

Department of Personnel Management in conjunction with the Department of Treasury are conducting a 2 day Information session for all line government agencies.

The 2 day workshop which attracted over three hundred participants was opened today (22nd June) by the Secretary for Department of Personnel Management Ms Taies Sansan.

The 2021 Whole of Government Retirement Briefing session commenced today attracting over three hundred participants from national agencies and from provincial administrations and other agencies from throughout the country.

There were various speakers from DPM, Treasury and Nambawan Super who made presentations on the various topics relating to retirement.

DPM working in collaboration with the Treasury team under the Organizational Staffing & Personnel Emoluments Audit Committee (OSPEAC) organized the 2 day Whole of Government Information Session for all national agencies.

In welcoming the participants, DPM Secretary Ms Sansan said, they have taken a different approach to hosting the Retirement Information sessions for this year.

Ms Sansan said, previously the information sessions were hosted for retirees, however this year a different approach has been taken.

‘This we believe will go a long way to help respective agencies to put together their own exit strategies for their respective officers’.

‘The retirement exercise is a key government directive which dates back to 2016 when NEC made a decision to carry out the retirement exercise but due to lack of commitment by government to meet its obligation to provide funding – the retirement exercise was not honored until 2019’.

Department of Personnel Management was directed to coordinate the Public Sector retirement program following an NEC decision in 2017. In 2019, NEC then directed the development of a Whole of Government Retirement Policy.

Under the Public Service Management Act and the General Orders, heads of agencies are required to manage annual staff retirement plans. This includes identifying those who have either reached the compulsory retirement age of 65years or those who opt to be retired on medical grounds. Respective agencies are supposed to have the cost of retiring these officers included in their respective Personnel Emolument Budgets. Agencies must plan ahead for their staff who will be reaching the retirement age to ensure it is captured in their respective budgets prior to the retirement year.

Last year, there were 2,150 identified retirees to be retired at a cost of K430 million. However due to funding allocation of only K28million, only 467 retirees were retired and paid out. So those who have missed out in 2020 will be added to the 2021 retirement list and we have communicated with Department of Treasury to assist with this exercise.

With the new approach to implement the retirement strategy – the onus is now on respective line agencies to take on the responsibility of having in place their own respective exit strategies to cater for those within your respective agencies who have reached the compulsory retirement age.

The need to have respective agencies deal with their own retirement staffing matters is made easier if this responsibility is being undertaken internally.

’I hope you will all learn as much as you can during this information session to grasp the process and procedures to administer and implement retirement exercise, the retirement payment methods and the exit plans for public servants.This will enable you to go back and conduct your own assessments on retirement for your respective organizations on retirement.

Following the circular instruction issued by my department last week – I hope you have all come prepared with copies of your respective exit plans/strategy including names of officers who have reached the compulsory retirement age of 65 years and over.

I wish you all the best throughout the 2 days of this information session and hope that you will go away and be able to confidently conduct your internal exit strategies that will contribute towards the whole of government’s retirement strategy’.

DPM goes virtual

Department of Personnel Management will now be using an online application as a new working tool that will enable working remotely and working under the new normal protocols in light of covid-19.

The Management Information Service team of the Department created the app called Google Teams – as the Department endeavors to find innovative practices of conducting business internally and with other government agencies under the new normal.

DPM Secretary Ms. Taies Sansan said, in light of the challenges faced by Public Servants during this covid-19 period the need to be innovative and find new ways of working that can help prevent the spread of the virus is critical.

“As a lead government agency – I have insisted on the use of such working tools by my Department and I am glad this app can be used by DPM staff for meetings and workshops that requires more than 10 people to be in one room especially in communicating with the provinces”.

The Department held its Executive Management meeting via this Microsoft Google Application as part of efforts to commence using the application.

“Despite a few technical issues – the executive management meeting was conducted via the use of this app with success”.

Secretary Sansan said, such innovations can be applied by line agencies to ensure the Public Service is adhering to the covid-19 protocols under the government’s National Isolation strategy.

“All that DPM has undertaken is in line with covid-19 protocols and the recent joint Circular Instruction issued by the Department and the office of the Controller which highlighted the need for government business to continue to function and services to continue to be performed by public servants”.

Policies and guidelines for the use of the app by the department are being finalised to guide the use of the app.

HR Information Session

An Information session for all line agencies targeted at completing data cleansing of the Government Payroll system by June this year was conducted on the 15, 17 and 19th of March this year.

Department of Personnel Management Secretary Ms Taies Sansan has issued a circular instruction to all line agencies both at the national and provincial level to take heed of the circular instruction as it is in line with various NEC decisions and the Special General Orders 11 and other undertakings to address issues of over expenditure in Bill Pay and in implementing a number of strategies across the Public Sector.

Ms Sansan said, DPM through Organisation Staffing and Personnel Emoluments Audit Committee (OSPEAC) has been reviewing, assessing and reporting on agencies performance in terms of the Human Resources and Personnel Emoluments.

“With the ongoing exercise, the department is also of the view that all Public Sector agencies must understand the national governments expectations. The sessions have enabled DPM, through OSPEAC, to communicate to the Public Service on the decisions of the government and how they can individually contribute positively to achieving desired outcomes.

Therefore it is critically important that all representatives of all public service agencies must attend the Information Session”.

Ms Sansan said, the purpose of the forum was to disseminate important information to public sector agencies through their HR Personnel.

Ms Sansan has called on Provincial Administrators to include their Provincial Education Advisors. This was specifically for teachers. This was the targeted audience for this year’s first quarter staffing and establishment review. Other critical issues were discussed as well at that forum.

Agencies were required to bring their approved structures/establishments comparison tables and proposed structures (if any) to the forum. The forum was broken up into various sectors; health, community & culture, education, economic, transport, law and order & administration to attend the 3 respective days on which the forum was held.

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