Month: <span>October 2021</span>

First Batch of 2021 Retirees Paid Out

37 Officers from 6 government agencies have been paid out at a cost of  K2,938,925.28 million as part of the Governments continued retirement exercise.

The 37 officers were from (name the officers) who were paid out through the normal payroll process on pay 17. Department of Personnel Management continues to facilitate the retirement exercise and is now working on the pay-out of the second batch of officers whom it is anticipated they will be paid out in pay 19 or 20.

Public Service Minister Hon. Joe Sungi has acknowledged the governments efforts to honour its commitment to pay-out the retirees.

Minister Sungi said, DPM has progressed the retirement exercise as per National Executive Council decision 304/2016 & 71/2017 as part of cost saving measures.

The Public Service Minister also acknowledged the tireless effort by DPM and Treasury staff who have been working behind the scenes to ensure file checks and system inputs and validation is being done to progress the respective batches of staff from respective agencies who will be retired to enable retirees to sign off on their Deeds of Release.

Mr Sungi said the retirement exercise is in line with the governments efforts to ensure public servants who have reached the compulsory retirement age of 65 are paid out.

“The pay-out of retirees has been a long outstanding issue but I am pleased that the government is able to pay them out to free up the Governments Ascender Payroll system which will enable savings of over half a million in the remainder of this year after pay 17.

We are looking at making more savings when the other 2 batches are paid out before the end of the year”. Minister Sungi said, as part of the Public Sector Reforms and the need to control costs in the Public Service Payroll, DPM is doing all it can to clear the Ascender Payroll through the pay-out of Public Servants who have reached retirement age but have remained on the payroll over the years.

“This is a great achievement for the Marape Basil government in its efforts to cut the Public Service wage bill and the commitment this government has made to the Public Sector Reforms on improving and modernizing the public service by honoring this commitment”.

The government has also paid the state component of superannuation for the retirees which they will be receiving immediately upon pay out.

“On behalf of the Marape Basil government, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all retirees for their services and contributions to the development of the country. I encourage you all to use your pay-outs wisely for the well-being of your families”.

The Public Service Minister has also urged line agencies to identify and submit lists of their staff who have reached compulsory retirement age to DPM to ensure they are paid out under this retirement exercise.

Secretary Sansan Urge Public Servants To Get Vaccinated

Public Servants from offices housed at the Central Government Building at Waigani received their covid-19 vaccination today (Friday 8th October).

Two heads of agencies were among those who received their vaccinations when the NCD Provincial Health Authority Team provided the service to those departments housed at the CGO.

The Secretary for Department of Personnel Management Ms Taies Sansan and the Chief Censor Jimmy Abani were among staff from DPM, Immigration & Citizenship Authority, Foreign Affairs and others who received their covid-19 vaccines when the .

Executive Manager Dr Lucy John who addressed the staff prior to vaccination said, they were happy to provide vaccines to officers housed at the building.

A presentation was conducted by the National Department of Health WHO representative Dr Deborah Bettels.

Dr Bettel in her presentation provided background information of 3 of the vaccines that are available in PNG namely, Johnsons & Johnsons, Astrazeneca and Sinopharm.

DPM Secretary Ms Sansan in her remarks urged those public servants who are willing to take the vaccine to come forward and receive it as it was an opportunity provided to staff of those government agencies housed at the Central Government Building to come forward and be vaccinated.

Secretary Sansan said, a circular was issued by the Secretary for PMNEC Ivan Pomaleu urging public servants to get vaccinated. It is voluntary but it is up to every individual to make those judgements.

Ms Sansan also highlighted the spike that’s being experienced in the Highlands region and said we don’t know what will happen in other regions.

“On behalf of the government we are encouraging public servants to come on board and get vaccinated”.

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