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24 Aug 2018

24 Public Servants Commenced Studies at Divine Word University

24 successful public servants who have applied for the Bachelors and Masters in Public Administration programs at the Divine Word University have already started classes in early July as part of capacity building in the public service.

Following the recent Memorandum of Agreement signing between the Department of Personnel Management and the Divine Word University, the successful applicants settled in very well and commenced their studies.

Of the 24, 10 have taken up Masters in Public Administration while 14 have taken up Bachelors in Public Administration.

This particular program was designed by DWU academic staff in consultation with DPM to tailor it to PNG context that will assist public servants who have had work experience but lack in academic accreditation for service delivery in the country as well as for future carrier pathways for public servants undertaking this program.

This is a two-year program through the Flexible Learning Center where students are required compulsory to be on campus for 3 weeks as and after that they can resume their public service post duties while completing all academic work.