Corporate Plan 2016 - 2018

Corporate Plan 2016 – 2018

The Department of Personnel Management supports the delivery of PNG’s national vision for the future as outlined in the three key PNG higher order planning documents, namely:

PNG Vision 2050 (PNGV50)

The Development Strategic Plan 2010 - 2030 (DSP)

(Said to have ushered in a new era of development planning for PNG by building on Vision 2050)

Medium Term Development Plan 2016 - 2017 (MTDP)

The Department has a significant strategic role in leading and supporting reform efforts in terms of the management and development of PNG public sector staff and the rightsizing of agencies so as to improve service delivery to the provinces, districts and LLG’s.

This Corporate Plan is intended to provide the Department with focus as it pursues innovative ways of doing business such as forging new alliances, sharing knowledge and reorienting bureaucracies with mechanisms and incentives to attain high standards. There are a number of very specific measures to revitalise public service institutions to the level of international standards outlined in the Plan.

The Plan also considers the implications of the passage through parliament of the new Public Service (Management) Act 2014.

The Department’s role and relationship to the strategic framework in which it operates is highlighted below together with the linkage to the Corporate Plan.

Priority Result Areas

The Department’s Corporate Plan for 2016 - 2018 seeks to address the Government of Papua New Guinea’s public sector reform agenda and importantly the strategic organisational performance and capacity development issues that need to be effectively managed to ensure that performance expectations of government are met.

This Corporate Plan continues with an approach adopted in the previous Plan in focusing on priority result areas. The intent is to integrate and align the various responsibilities of the Department into a plan that links the strategic policy context to the mission and values.

The six priority result areas are outlined below:

  1. Workforce Reform and Culture Change - Includes Supporting ABG in developing its human resource function within the Public Service
  2. Monitoring and Improving Performance
  3. Modernisation - Terms and Conditions of Employment
  4. HR Management Functions
  5. Internal Management
  6. Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting

While the priority result areas are all interdependent for the Department to be considered to be operating effectively all aspects must be in place and working as a ‘whole’.

This Plan should be considered in conjunction with a key companion document the “DPM Corporate Report Card” which has been developed to provide a mechanism to track performance against the key result areas and will act as a call to attention, further enquiry and action.