Office of Secretary and Executive Services


Provide leadership:

  • in implementing the Corporate Plan, Management Action Plans and ensuring that budget is aligned to planning initiatives,
  • in developing a Concept Paper - District Development Authorities
  • establishing Secretariat to support Parliamentary Committee on the Public Service,
  • to the Department and its mandated functions,
  • oversight of the Department’s priority programs,
  • on public service reforms and capacity development,
  • in implementing and administering the Public Services (Management) Act,
  • under devolution to empower Agency Heads in their operational HRM roles and responsibilities,
  • in the administration of the Salaries and Conditions Monitoring Committee Act 1978,
  • in the conduct of industrial relations with Public Sector Unions,
  • on Government Office Accommodation and Public Service housing.
  • set terms and conditions of employment for the Public Service.
  • in ensuring that Code of Conduct and Revised General Orders are adhered to and refresher training conducted annually.
  • attend to other statutory obligations.

Executive Services

  • Coordinate and manage the activities of the office of the Secretary for the Department

Internal Audit Services

  • Conduct audits, provide reports and follow up corrective actions in compliance with the Public Finance (Management) Act 1995 and the Financial Manual.
  • Prepare agenda papers and reports on audits undertaken for consideration by Secretary at quarterly Audit Committee Meetings.

Media and Public Relations

  • Effective and efficient communication strategy for DPM.
  • Public Relations Strategy designed to build and develop the reputation of DPM which is effective, efficient and sustainable.
  • Responsible for distribution of agendas and minutes of EMT meetings.

Legal and Investigations Advisory

  • Provide legal advice on matters concerned with the administration of the Public Services (Management) Act 2013 and the Salaries and Conditions Monitoring Committee Act 1978.
  • Undertake or assist in the investigation of and prepare appropriate reports on the investigations on matters regarding the administration of the principle acts of the department.
  • Assist in investigation of Department Heads as per NEC directives.