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23 Aug 2016

Central Government Office Opens

Today marks an historical moment for PNG but particularly for the Government and its public ser-vice machinery and we owe this moment to the leadership of our Prime Minister Hon Peter O’Neill and the energy of his Public Service Min-ister, Sir Dr Puka Temu in making this day possi-ble.
This building was constructed in 1974 and given to the PNG Government by the Australian Govern-ment as an independence gift in 1975 and became the home of our first Government of the Independ-ent and Sovereign State of PNG.
The early occupants included the Department of

PM&NEC, DFA&T, PSC which later became the DPM, Depart-ment of Finance & Treasury, De-partment of Justice & Attorney General, Department of Environ-ment and Conservation, Depart-ment of Commerce and Industry, National Computer Centre, Bu-reau of Management Services, Department of Provincial Affairs, Air Niugini Counter, Government Printing Office Counter and Im-migration.
Many a great leader of today have worked in this building and I pay my greatest respect and honour to these great pioneers, some who have been called to heaven and some who are still alive today.
Only 23 years after its construc-tion, the building was condemned as being unfit for occupancy and by 1998 all the above departments and agencies moved into alterna-tive office space throughout the capital city and became scattered.
The Prime Minister, during his time as the Public Service Minis-ter he also lamented on the de-struction and demise of these two iconic buildings and expressed his determination to restore these two buildings and to pursue options of constructing new office complex-es so we could return all Govern-ment departments and agencies to WAIGANI as the SEAT OF GOVERNMENT.
Prime Minister and Minister Sir Puka, through your leadership and drive, the reopening of the CGO after 18 years of abandonment will see the first wave of key gov-ernment departments and agen-cies returning to WAIGANI.
The movement by Government departments away from rented
office space will realize imme-diate savings in the order of about K15million with more savings to follow in the years to come as more and more gov-ernment departments return to the fold. It is this government’s intention to accommodate gov-ernment departments in its own buildings in order to improve communication and coordina-tion between government de-partments, improve perfor-mance, productivity and save costs.
Department of Foreign Affairs have been given the posh treat-ment and will take up the high-est northern towers as they are responsible for entertaining foreign dignitaries together with Department of Agriculture who are the backbone of our economy.
The southern tower will be taken up by the IMSCA and DPM.
I want to thank Central Land Limited who have transformed this once eye sore derelict building into a magnificent asset for the people of PNG. The interior of the building is a story in itself which you will witness yourself after the offi-cial opening by the Prime Minister.