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20 Sep 2016

NCTA Signs Performance and Conduct Agreement

The Department of Personnel Management is the first government department to witness one of its Non-Citizen Technical Advisor sign the Performance and Conduct Agreement on Independence eve.

The new regulation on Non-Citizen Technical Advisor which came into effect on 1st September 2016 applies to all non-citizen who are employed by development contractors and other agencies to provide advisory support within the National Public Service.

The Performance and Conduct Agreement is the central component of the amended regulation which for the first time creates a ‘legal’ link between the adviser and their Agency Secretary.

After signing his Performance and Conduct Agreement, Mr Michael Anderson said he was very happy to be the first non-citizen to sign this agreement. “It’s a positive thing and I am happy to sign the contract. That’s a very positive step by the Papua New Guinea government and that’s the message I want to give to all my non-citizen colleagues,” added Mr Anderson.

Mr Anderson will be providing technical advice and assistance to the Administrative Reforms division of the department and is responsible for the training and upskilling of Mr Joachim Luma as part of the agreement to build the capacity and performance of his counterparts through on the job training and skills transfer.

This regulation does not apply to engagements within Statutory Authorities, Non-Government Organizations, Constitutional Offices, disciplinary forces or the private sector.

DPM is currently reviewing the arrangements that apply to Citizen Technical Advisers who are also employed by development contractors. The purpose of this review is to ensure consistency between the arrangements for Non-Citizen and Citizen Technical Advisers.
The Performance and Conduct Agreement.