The HR COnNECT (Connecting Online Networks for Enhanced Capability and Technology) is a program initiated by the Department of Personnel Management in conjunction with AusAID through the Economic & Public Sector Programme (EPSP). The program is made up of four (4) key components to address whole of Government issues on personnel emolument expenditure, capacity development, data integrity and system governance. The components are categorized as projects one to four as :

1. GoPNG Integrated HR Payroll Module Rollout;

  • Improved accountability and control over staffing & payroll expenditure at agency level
  • Increased payroll management effectiveness leading to improved employee morale & service delivery
  • Enhanced capability of regional HR practitioners
  • By end 2011, system rolled out to 9 regional hospitals / provincial health authorities & 1 provincial administration
  • Standardise roll-out process, including training manuals, tools & templates
  • Continue roll-outs at rate of 8-10 agencies per year
  • Review & upgrade DPM / DoF infrastructure to meet support requirements and business continuity needs

2. HR Module Implementation (Rollout of other HR Modules such as Leave Management);

  • Increased control in payment of salaries & allowance
  • Merit based recruitment & training based on job-related competencies
  • Pilot across health sector as service standards and associated competencies have been identified
  • HR Module Forums held for senior management of hospitals & provincial administrations (Sept-Oct 2011)
  • Review & update of HR business processes
  • Position / employee data cleansing & population of HR Module libraries
  • Capacity enhancement for project staff & users
  • Commence implementation across other priority sectors

3. Staffing and Establishment Control;

  • Increased control, governance and accountability over personnel emolument expenditure at agency level
  • Ensure the integrated HR payroll system is the primary source of GoPNG payroll information & transactions
  • Conduct Staffing & Establishment Reviews (2010 & 2011)
  • Creation of OMPEAC & Special General Order 1 of 2011
  • Inter-Departmental working group established to implement improvements in the integrated HR payroll system
  • Move to single system for payroll administration
  • Improve budget process & reporting for agencies
  • Conduct annual Staffing & Establishment Reviews
  • Quarterly monitoring of agency performance by OMPEAC

4. Improving HR Management in public service agencies.

  • Improved understanding of the HR roles, systems & business processes within the public service
  • Improved control over staffing levels and personnel emoluments expenditure
  • Public Service General Orders currently under review
  • Ad-hoc capacity enhancement activities have been undertaken since devolution
  • Finalise consolidated Public Service General Orders
  • Develop & deliver HR Capacity Enhancement Program to HR practitioners and senior agency management
  • Review and update DPM audit process and manual to reflect devolution requirements

Projects 1 and 2 relate to Outcome 5, whilst projects 3 and 4 relate to Outcome 2.

Agencies through the initiatives of the HR ConNECT program will be better placed to effectively manage personnel emolument expenditure and strategically plan to meet recruitment and capacity building needs in line with government priorities.