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24 Apr 2018


Public-private partnership has enable capacity building of 47 public servants from various departments graduated with certificates in leadership and governance at the Papua New Guinea Institute of Public Administration.

This public private partnership initiative of PNGIPA, Department of Personnel Management and the SP Brewery Foundation Inc is for the leadership capability development of public servants in PNG.

Male representative of the graduands, Moses Tekwie, challenged other private companies to come forward through such partnerships and assist the government in providing a solution to problems rather than pointing fingers at each other.

One of the pioneer graduates of PNGIPA and Chairman of SP Brewery Foundation, Bart Philemon, announced that the Certificate in Leadership and Governance is a five-year program that SP Brewery will sponsor and PNGIPA will facilitate.

The 47 graduands were trained in leadership and governance, financial and fiscal management, human resource management and industrial relationships.

The graduands were challenged to go out to their respective organizations and make a difference by contributing to the solution of problems and not be the problems themselves.

Public Service Minister Elias Kapavore urged all graduands to work ethically and not to indulge in corrupt practices to ensure a better.

“My fellow countrymen, it is not about more resources. It’s about prudent management of the resources that we have already. That is why public-private partnership is needed,” said Minister Kapavore.

PNGIPA will officially change its name to the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance Precinct on 1st May 2018.