The Department of Personnel Management through its HR COnNECT program has successfully launched two of its clients’ payroll system in the month of March.

After 40 years of voluntary service, the Village Court officials will now receive their salaries through the GoPNG Government Payroll system.

Secretary for Department of Personnel Management, Mr. John M. Kali, OBE advises all Heads of Departments, Provincial Administrators, CEO’s of Public Hospitals, Provincial Health Authorities, Statutory agencies and State Funded Organizations that the closing date for all overseas Learning and Development Aid Bids has been extended to 14 April 2014.

Date : 17th - 22nd May 2014
Officers on duty
George Taunakekei
Rick Kogen
Kevin Goiye
Marian Wafie
Kerema General Hospital &
Gulf Provincial Administration

Every Month till October
2ndWeek - Kerema
4thWeek - WNB

The Department of Personnel Management

“The Department of Personnel Management has been established as a central government agency under an act of parliament called the "Public Service Management Act 1986", and its subsequent amendments of 1995.   It is primarily responsible for public sector management, specifically as it relates to performance, human resources, and organisation management. The Public Service, through its institutions, play a vital role in the Government's macro-economic, social, political, and development management goals.”

 What we do?

As a Central Agency of GPNG National Public Service, the Department plays a vital role in providing strategic leadership in terms of employment and human resource management that promotes good working relationships and rigorous dialogue with agencies, and facilitates delivery of quality services to the Government and the people of Papua New Guinea.

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