DPM Staff Receives Masters

Department of Personnel Management’s Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Mr. Joseph Oltipa recently graduated at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG’s) 69th graduation with Masters in Economic and Public Policy (MEPP), on the 26th of April, 2024.

Mr. Oltipa has been working at DPM for close to 15 years.

He was introduced to the MEPP program by a former colleague in 2019.

“When I heard about the program, it captured my attention as this was the field of studies I needed to enhance my skills for the position I hold, mainly on the research and analyzing part of it,” said Mr. Oltipa.

DPM approved his expression of interest and he enrolled in 2021 for this program under DPM’s sponsorship.

“I was supposed to complete the program in 2022 and graduate in 2023, however, I got caught up with work and personal issues, as well as my health which delayed my studies, but I am grateful I managed to complete it successfully and graduate”, said Mr. Oltipa,

The MEPP program is a two-year flexible learning study program for working class people and public servants.

The first year was a foundational year where students undertook Graduate Diploma in Economics and Public Policy as bridging program to do Masters in Economic and Public Policy.

Mr. Oltipa was pleased that the program focuses at enhancing policy research and analytical skills, project formulation and management, strategic planning and management, and insights into economic principles and systems thinking.

“The program has enhanced my understanding on research and analytical skills and I am able to articulate and design evidence-based policies, projects and programs in the space of public policy development and implementation”, he said.

Mr. Oltipa thanked the Department for believing in him and sponsoring his  studies and he promised to perform to the best of his abilities and work effectively.

He is encouraging young officers to not stop learning and take on such available programs that DPM is taking on board and supporting to enhance their skills and careers.

Mr. Oltipa is 41 years of age, and is from Mul-Baiyer Electorate in the Western Highlands Province.