LJS Launch Work Place Sexual Harassment Brochure & Poster

The Law and Justice (LJ) Gender Equity, Disability and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) Community of Practice have launched its Workplace Sexual Harassment Brochure and Poster to build awareness and bring more attention to the issue of workplace sexual harassment (WSH) and the impacts it has on staff and respective agencies as a whole.

Before launching the brochure and poster Attorney General and Secretary for Department of Justice and Attorney General Dr Eric Kwa challenged the audience about how they can deal with workplace sexual harassment perpetrators in their respective homes where it matters the most.

Dr Kwa added that according to Papua New Guinean Law, Sexual Harassment is an offence & a criminal behavior.

“Sexual Harassment in the workplace is a serious issue in PNG, my country Australia and across the world,” said Counsel Michael McKenzie of the Australian High Commission

Sexual harassment can have very serious consequences on the victim and the broader workplace because it impacts the victims’ mental health which can create a hostile and unpleasant workplace and it can eventually impact on the productivity of an organization.

Sexual harassment is not only rape or sexual assault, it includes indecent exposure, wolf whistling and any other unwanted behavior that makes someone feel uncomfortable, intimidated or humiliated.

Mr. McKenzie added that the WSH Brochure and posters had been developed by the LJS GEDSI COP following the workplace sexual harassment training delivered to the COP in 2018. Since this training, a number of COP members have been working on developing WSH policies within their organization.

The LJS has recognized the support of the Department of Personnel Management who is also the custodian of the National GESI Policy and the Australian Government for their support as well.