Nuicare Association to Manage Medical Insurance

The Public Service Nuicare Association (PSNA) will take care of the Life and Medical Insurance scheme for publics servants in the country, this was clarified by Deputy Secretary Policy and Reforms Mr. Ellison Kalimet with the Department of Personnel Management at the DPM Reforms Regional Workshop in Lae, Morobe Province. `

He said the Public Service Nuicare Association has been registered with the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) and upon that registration there’s a constitution that sets out the provision of the governance on how the board will be appointed.

Mr. Kalimet said that a Chief Executive Officer will be appointed to take care of the overall administration of the association as it will also hold nominee shares for and on behalf of the people, purposefully to care for its public servants through the Department of Personnel Management. 

There is a board in place already and Secretary DPM Taies Sansan is the Chair to the Public Service Insurance Board of Trustee’s and other members of the board includes the Secretary for Finance, Treasury, National Health Department, Education and The Police Commissioner including the CEO of the association.  

The establishment of the association came from an NEC decision 178 of 2022 that directed the Department of Personnel Management to register an association to manage the scheme for Public Servants. 

“We want the scheme to be established independently and to be operated on commercial terms so that’s why we have to register it under the Investment Promotion Authority” says Deputy Secretary Ellison Kalimet. 

The association will be operated under that NEC decision and an Act will be drafted so right now what we are doing is involving the State Solicitors to draft the Nuicare Act said Kalimet. 

“The Nuicare Act when it comes into place, we are expecting that to happen next year and once it is passed by the parliament then the Act it will govern the Insurance scheme”.