Staff Profile: From DPM Officer to Digital Expert

Meet Ms. Ila Imelda Kapueina, a Senior Consultant with the Department of Personnel Management Digital HR Transformation.

A former staff of DPM, now a consultant with the Department, this is her story to inspire Public Servants to persevere.

Ila as most referred to her as is from a is mixed parentage of  East New Britain and Central Province.

She began her formal education in the 90’s at Ted Diro Community school, now Primary School.

She attended Kupiano Provincial High School in Central Province and was selected to do her Diploma in Business Management at Divine Word College, now University.

After completing the Diploma Program, She started her career with the Department in 1997.

She became a Government Administration Officer from 1997 to 2001 and served in the Secretary’s office.

Ila said she learnt the hard way to work with dedication and good heart.

Just four years into her job and she got promoted as the Training Officer of the HR Payroll System.

With her performance and experience in the department, she was offered the Team Leader in the   Economic Sector & Highlands Region Branch.

Ila later served as one of the senior Managers in the MIS Branch for five years.

Ms. Kapueina was working in the Management Information Services (MIS) Branch for almost seven years.

She was privileged to receive a scholarship at the Black Health & Thornburgh College in Queensland Australia, which she got her Certificate in Governance and Public  Policy.

She then completed her tertiary education at the University of Queensland.

“When I returned, I worked for a little while with DPM and started my own company called the Swift Analytic Consultancy Service”, said Ila.

She said she saw the need to start this company and work with DPM on consultancy basis on Digital transformation.

Ila now advises the Department to explore the challenges of technology in translating everything digital such as the automated workflows to bring  confidence in the HR domain.

She believes strongly that this will change the face of the Department as well as achieving some of the government policies such as the automation of the General Order.

Ila’s advise is for staff to be punctual and manage their time well.

“Time management is the key to prosperity and getting priority work done to achieve positive outcomes in the  department”, said Ila.

She said her best advice she could give to all Public Servants is that they must always remember that they signed an oath to serve the country.

“Embrace challenges as a stepping stone and do your work to the best of your  ability”, she said.

“Your HR Services will go a long way in terms of service delivery right down to the Local Level Government and wards where our families resides”, said Ms Kapueina.

Her vision is to drive the Digital HR Transformation Program into the rural PNG.

 She is visioning to see the digital transformation be realized and appreciated, cascading down to the Provincial, District, LLG’s and Ward Levels,