Ward Members Urged to Perform

The 7277 elected Ward Members all around the country including the Autonomous Region Of Bougainville were told to do their duties diligently at the Local Level Government level since they are being put on the Government’s Ascender payroll beginning Pay 5.

The Minister for Inter-Government Relations, Hon. Soroi Eoe in his keynote address during the launch on March 5th said the Government have high expectations for the Ward Members to perform.

“Now that you are on the Government’s payroll, we expect you to actively do your duties in your respective wards to fill in your daily responsibilities and not travelling around the country or coming to Moresby”, said Minister Eoe.

“We will also announce the determination of guiding the specific roles and responsibilities you will be undertaking as mandated leaders in your communities and wards, this will be in line with the review of LLG administrative Act, furthermore, the attendance and schedule LLG assembly meeting is mandatory as it allows us to deliver essential services to our people”, Minister Eoe told the Ward Members.

He encouraged them to maintain ward record books which will assist in the  planning and budgeting for community projects in their respective wards.

“Your collaboration with ward development committees is vital for our collective success”, he said.

Furthermore, Minister Eoe called upon ABG leaders and LLG presidents to closely monitor and asses the performance of their ward members in their respective wards.

He said if any ward members fail to fulfill their responsibilities, he urge the LLG Presidents to report the matter to the DLLGA and DPM for an appropriate action to be taken against the ward member concerned.

“Now that you are on payroll, do your duties with dedication and integrity”, he said.

Meanwhile, the Public Service Minister, Hon. Joe Sungi also applauded the work of the ward members, saying they play a big role in our society and they are the lowest paid public servants.

 Hon. Sungi reiterated Minister Eoe’s statement and told the ward members to perform their duties faithfully since they are on the Government payroll.

He said the next step for the Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs and the Department of Personnel Management is to look into the ward recorders.

Minister Sungi wants to see Ward Recorders to also be put on the Government payroll so they can record the deaths, births, social issues in their respective wards and communities.

“By having our daily activities recorded, it will assist us with the National Censors activities too,” said Minister Sungi.