548 Retired Public Servants Paid Out

DPM Secretary, Ms Taies Sansan.

The Department of Personnel Management has coordinated one of the biggest number of Public Service retirement       exercise this year, since its inception in 2019.

A total of 548 retired Public Servants were paid out their retirement benefits on Pay 14 in July.

They were the second batch under the Public Service Retirement Exercise for 2022.

They were paid out a total cost of K50.78 Million.

The total cost is the combination of Gross payments and Personal Emolument (PE) Liabilities, excluding their Nambawan Super retirement funds.

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary had the highest number of retirees in the second batch of the 2022 Retirement exercise.

They have a total of 329 retired public servants who have received their retirement benefits.

Other government agencies are: Correction Service Institute(63), PNGDF (29), Department of Works & Implementation (79), DPM (1), Treasury Department (1), Education Department (3), Department of Agriculture & Livestock (1), National Statistic Office (1), Pom General Hospital (4), Laloki Hospital (4), West New Britain PHA (2), Enga PHA (6), Southern Highlands PHA (1), Enga Provincial Administration (17), Hela Provincial Administration(1), Southern Highlands Provincial Administration (4) and Manus Provincial Administration (1) .

Secretary Ms Taies Sansan said the officers were identified by their respective agencies and their names submitted to DPM for validation and verification to be paid out.

Ms. Sansan said the retirement exercise has been on-going since 2019 of which over 2,600 public servants have so far been paid out at a cost of K119.7 million.

“We are continuing the retirement exercise this year. The government had allocated K200 million in the 2022 annual budget to retire aging public servants and my department will continue to coordinate with all line agencies to ensure this process is executed well this year”, said Ms Sansan.

DPM has coordinated the public sector retirement program following an NEC decision in 2017, which has seen the development of a ‘Whole of Government approach undertaken to ensure all public servants who have reached the compulsory retirement age of 65 or those that are required to retire on medical grounds are paid out and put off the pay roll.

“The vacancies created will also mean the workforce is better positioned to implement reforms, including the engagement of a new breed of Papua New Guinean public servants out of universities and colleges”.

Secretary Ms. Sansan has thanked the government for the continued support to ensure that public servants who have reached compulsory retirement age are paid out.