DPM Introduces GESI to DPE

Department of Petroleum & Energy Staff in their GESI uniforms, posing for a photo with the GESI team after the Presentation.

The Gender, Equity, and Social Inclusion Policy Branch (Whole of Government), recently conducted an eye opening presentation on GESI policy Implementation Planning session to the Senior Management Team from the Department of Petroleum and Energy (DPE).

DPE staff were in awe to understand the Policy in a nutshell, and can now differentiate equity from equality, gender from sex, and understand what social inclusion is.

GESI Executive Manager, Emmanuel Ginis told the top management of DPE that GESI principles and values acts as a guide for organizations and employees to follow.

“Each issues, and decision makings varies from organization to organization due to the type of work they do,” said Mr Ginis.

“For example, DPE deals with mostly resource sector activities and landowners especially, so how DPE treats its clients, employees, and its issues will be different from DPM or  other organizations”, he said.

Ginis said GESI Sensitization and mainstreaming workshop will help  organizations understand the GESI Policy to be able to   implement it.

The Public Service GESI Policy was launched in 2013, by the National Government.

It has been developed to address a number of issues faced by individuals directly or indirectly at workplace.

Mr Ginis corrected the confusion by many of the top management team at DPE that GESI was only to protect women and their issues.

He explained that the Policy is inclusive for men, women, children, people with disabilities, and everyone despite race, color, region, sex, gender, social status and such. 

 It was designed to develop and maintain a positive, respectful work culture that   ensures equity and diversity for all employees and is free from discrimination.

The presentation was an eye opener, which prompted DPE top management team to request for another sensitization and mainstreaming workshop, creation of GESI positions and help desk, and start implementing the policy.

The GESI officer’s role is to act as a bridge for victims to seek professional assistance or address workplace issues.