Journalism student Esther Gahane

DPM has awarded a certificate of achievement to the Executive Director of the National Cultural Commission (NCC) on the 21st January 2022 in recognition of NCC as one of the first agency using the online Performance Management System (PMS) effectively within the past two years.

In a presentation ceremony to officially present the award to the NCC Executive Director, Secretary Ms. Taies Sansan said, that the program was about realizing the achievements that some of these CEO’s have gone through in compliance with the PMS system.

The homegrown web based online system is a system developed by DPM to assess agency heads under the Performance Based contract system.

The system can also be accessed through Mobile phones where an alerts is sent Agency heads with the Ministers and the Governors.

“We were encouraging this type of activities and the system to be used so we can see where we are going in modernizing the public service.

In the past a lot of things were done manually so as part of modernizing public service, the PMS was one of those systems that we thought would be good to see where the public service is going and where the country is going.”

She said coming back to performance assessments of agency heads was a key factor in this government’s priority in moving performance of agency heads, Deputy Secretaries, deputy provincial administrators and rest of the public servants down the line.

So it was important that the system got up and running, we want to encourage agency heads especially provincial administrators, CEO’s of statutory bodies, departmental heads who are not using this system to start using it.

I want to thank the Executive Director for NCC Mr. Steven Kilanda who is one of the first CEOs to really complete this system using the online PMS. 

NCC’s Executive Director Steven Kilanda said, that he thought they were lost among many agency in this country but he is fortunate that DPM has recognize them.

“We are a very little agency but yet DPM can use us as a guinea pig and we are the first one to get this award and we want to maintain this. Next year we want to come back and get this award again.”

He thanked Secretary Sansan and said that his agency will work together to make this system work so that other agencies can see and follow. Mr. Kilanda appeal to other agency heads and department heads, to move with global technologies.

“We are complaining about DPM not doing anything but DPM has come up with this initiative, DPM is trying the best to do something, it’s up to department heads and agency heads to adapt to the system, we have to implement the system.”