Agency Heads Must Be Prudent in their Roles

Public Service Minister, Hon. Joe Sungi appealed to Agency Heads to be prudent in their management and supervisory roles this year (2024).

He made this statement at the 8th Public Service Dedication service, held at the Sir John Guise Indoor Complex on the 5th of January.

“I make this strong appeal to all agency heads again to be prudent in your management and supervisory roles in 2024.

You need to be more vigilant and decisive as you deal with HR matters that come with financial implications,” said Minister Sungi.

He also reminded agency heads that since the restoration of the Human Resource Powers on December 1st 2023, agency heads must take their time to coach, mentor and counsel their subordinates to perform better to modernize the Public Service through the use of Information Communication and Technology (ICT).

Minister Sungi also urged Agency Heads to conduct timely staff Performance Appraisals in order for actions to be recommended for improvements to be made.

With the theme of the dedication service ‘Building the Nation in Unity through Service Delivery’, Minister Sungi reiterated the Prime Minister’s call and challenged public servants to work together in unity and to ensure effective and efficient service delivery to our people.

“I thank you all Public Servants for the efforts that you have put into serving our people in the past years , and I encourage those that have done well to continue and those that have not put extra effort to serving our people to do so”, said Minister Sungi.

“Let us share resources and work together to minimize wastages, especially those of that serve in the administrative sector.

We must take punitive measures and commit ourselves to provide support to our frontline Public Servants like Teachers, Health Workers and Law Enforcement Officers who service our people today,” he said.

He further reminded Public Servants that the National Government is committed in paying them without failing each fortnight, despite some of the public servant’s shortcomings in faithfully serving the people and the country with full commitment and dedication.

“It is at this occasion that we pay full attention to high-level directives from our Prime Minister and seek Heavenly-Counsel from the servant of God to re-assess ourselves whether we have served well and truly within the public service code of conduct”.

He also encouraged public servants to change their bad habits of poor dressing, poor attendance, laziness, bad behavior and careless attitudes, seeking favors and not serving to the expectations of the positions they hold.