Public Servants Challenged to Reflect on Individual Contributions

Prime Minister James Marape in his keynote address challenged each and every Public Servants to reflect on their individual contributions, posing a powerful question:

“Am I doing enough for my people and country?” PM Marape urged them to join him and the Government in constructing a better Papua New Guinea.

The Prime Minister also acknowledged the contributions of Public Servants, highlighting the significance of their roles in driving the country forward.

Marape’s address was focused on the broader responsibility public servants hold in the service of the nation, as the public services dedication service set the tone for the year ahead.

He impassioned call for unity and dedicated service resonated among public servants, setting the stage for a year of collective commitment to building a more prosperous and united Papua New Guinea.

“Unite for the common cause of the country, building the nation in service delivery”, declared Prime Minister James Marape.

He echoed a call for collective effort and commitment following this year’s dedication theme of ‘Building the Nation through Service Delivery Public Servants in the National Capital Districts gathered at the Sir John Guise Indoor Complex on the 5th of January this month to attend the annual public service dedication service.

The event which was co-hosted by the Department of Personnel Management and the Department for Community Development and Religion was attended by the Prime Minister James Hon. James, the Public Service Minister Hon. Joe Sungi, members of the parliament and Heads of government agencies in the Nation’s Capital.

Minister Sungi encouraged and urged them to work together and in unity to deliver services and build the nation.

He also stressed the government’s commitment to pay public servants every fortnight despite their short comings and faults.

The Public Services Minister Hon. Joe Sungi emphasized in his speech calling out all public servants to be productive, ensure they produce quality work and to be reliable.

“If you are not working according to the public service hours coming in and going out of your own wish you need to improve.

“This year we need to push to uncover and pursue our leadership in the society, especially those who are in the administrative sectors to make some difference now for the good of this developing country,” Minister Sungi told the public servants.