Corporate Plan 2023-2027 Launched

Secretary Ms. Taies Sansan launched the 2023-2027 Corporate Plan for the Department of Personnel Management on the 06th of December at the APEC Haus, Port Moresby.

Secretary Sansan thanked the staff of the Department who had contributed immensely to achieving the objectives from the last corporate plan in the last four years despite minimum funding support and encouraged her department to deliver on the corporate plan for the next five years.

She said although the last corporate plan 2019-2022 was only for four years DPM managed to achieve most of the key objectives under the last corporate plan.  

“In the last four years, DPM delivered in its key corporate objectives under the 2019 to 2022 Corporate Plan. Many of the key objectives as outlined in the last 4 years have been achieved though there remain a few challenges to see how best we can address them going forward” says Secretary Sansan.

She said the new corporate plan is aligned to the Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP IV) which also captures the Vision 2050 and is also aligned to the policy directive in the Prime Ministerial Strategic with subsequent NEC decisions and Key Results areas.

Secretary Sansan also highlighted objective number three in the new corporate plan which relates to the modernization of the public service Terms and Conditions that will support a lean and effective public service structure.

As DPM’s mission is for Papua New Guinea to have a cadre of qualified public servants the Corporate plan is set towards providing that guidance whereby it ensures that the department delivers on its mandated functions that are set out under the Public Service Management and major government policies initiative. She urged the staff of the department that to work together to deliver and implement this new corporate plan in the next five years and thanked the Minister for Public Service Hon. Joe Sungi for his tireless efforts in making sure that we as a department under his ministry deliver on key government priorities.