DPM Signs MoA for Teacher’s Salaries Increase

Secretary Ms. Taies Sansan once again represented the state as the head of the Department of Personnel Management, signed a Memorandum of Agreement that will be covering the terms and conditions for Teacher’s in the next three years and onwards.

Secretary Sansan said the agreement has been successfully reached and commended all parties involved especially the PNG Teachers Association for agreeing to the general wage rise of 3 percent and the Teaching Services Commission as the employer of hardworking teachers around the country, who explained and presented the flow-on of the approved general wage increase of 3% for teachers.

“The agreement has been reached by all parties and we are all here to sign the Memorandum of Agreement for wages and salaries increase of 3% for all teachers for 2023 to 2025 and onwards. I am also pleased to acknowledge that the union has finally put its house in order and came out in unity at last to represent the hard-working teachers throughout the country who will now see a slight increase on their take home pay at this crucial time” says Secretary Sansan.

Secretary Sansan explained that on the 24th of April 2023, the PNG Teachers Association submitted the initial document in a letter form to the Department of Personnel Management and on 05th of June DPM responded and advised the union to submit a proper log of claims to the Teachers Services Commission as the employer of Teachers and not the Department of Personnel Management.

Ms. Sansan said the general increase at 3% maybe a small increase on the teacher’s take-home pay but it is a significant marginal increase when the service allowance is added on which makes the take home for teachers reasonable during these trying times.

Secretary Sansan added that the total cost of increase is estimated to cost over K2 million per fortnight or 55 million per year and the implementation will be done in close consultation with the key implementing agencies going forward based on affordability.

She congratulated the 69,000 plus teachers for their patience and continuous hard work to develop, guide and prepare our future generation and said that despite the challenges in the economy and competing priorities teachers will continue to be the Government’s priority and responsibility.

She also urged and challenge teachers who do not commit to their duties see this as a wake-up call especially since this government does not fail to pay public servants on time. “Your salaries are paid automatically every fortnight and with this new agreement to be signed I would strongly appeal to all teachers to improve your performance and commit 100% to the cause of teaching our children in 2024 and beyond” said Secretary Sansan.