DPM Briefed on Preliminary Findings of Audit Report

DPM and Delloite team at the workshop to discuss findings of the Audit Report.

Department of Personnel Management and Deloitte met for 2 days this month to finalise the audit report of the Government Payroll system.

Deloitte was engaged to audit the government payroll system at the end of last year and were given 8 months to complete the report.

Deloitte had a 2 day session with DPM staff whose duties and responsibilities fall within the audit that they conducted.

Discussions were around preliminary findings of the audit and fine tuning the executive summary for the 100 page report.

Secretary Taies Sansan who was part of the 2 day session posed pertinent questions to the Deloitte team on the preliminary findings.

At the close of the 2 day session, Deputy Secretary Policy, Elison Kalimet standing in for Secretary thanked Deloitte team for involving DPM and said as an implementing agency appreciate all the discussions over the 2 day session and look forward to the final report.

“Please provide us with the draft of the exeutive summary so we can look through and provide our feedback before you finalise the final report”, Mr Kalimet said.

Once the report is finalized, it will be handed over to the Minister for Public Service who will then present to the National Executive Council.