DPM Concludes Data Cleansing Forum 

Department of Personnel Management ended the Data Cleansing Workshop on a high note on the 1st of May, 2024, with positive feedbacks from participants.

The participants were Heads of Government Agencies, Provincial Administrators, Chief Executive Officers of Provincial Health Authorities, HR Managers and Organization Design Officers or Establishment Officers.

DPM has initiated significant Payroll Reforms, with the Digital HR Transformation Program serving as the overarching policy to enhance governance of the Ascender Payroll Integrated HR Payroll System.

The technical discussions on the forum was on Data Cleansing, specific to targeted areas of the Ascender HR/Payroll System.

Deputy Secretary, Executive Resourcing Services, Mr. Vele Ravugamani closed the three days Data Cleansing Forum and told stakeholders and government agencies who attended the forum that data cleansing is the way forward.

Mr. Ravugamani said the data cleansing of the Alesco Payroll system will address some of the bigger things that the Public Service is facing.

He said importantly, the storing of proper data so that Government Agencies and stakeholders, especially Treasury, Finance & Nambawan Super who plays the end part of when public servants will exit will make sure that the data that is being inserted will not affect the exit of public servants from the Public Service.

“How will you manage these data? There are processes that has been shared during these three-days workshop, and you and I know that the sister agencies mentioned plays a pivotal role when you and I exit public service,” said Mr. Ravugamani.

He said DPM values the partnership of all government agencies to assist DPM with the Data Cleansing and says that inaccurate data is an invalid data.

Deputy Secretary, Mr. Ravugamani said inaccurate data has policy and financial implications, and this data cleansing exercise the  Department has embarked on is not the end.

“The journey that we have embarked on together with DPM is not by coincident, we are here to populate the Alesco   Payroll system with accurate record,” says Mr. Ravugamani.

“Garbage in, garbage out, Good in, Good out,” he said.

Mr. Ravugamani said that is why the Department wants to capitalize the journey, as Delloitte in their audit has indicated this area for the Department and its sister agencies and stakeholders to address.

He challenged DPM team to conduct post forum dialogue  for participants to be able to address some of the issues. 

“Collaboration, networking, working to address the shared value that we will achieve together is important, as at the end of the day, all of us will benefit,” said Mr. Ravugamani.

He said Public Servants who will exit the Public Service will exit in a fair and honorable way.

“It’s easy to come into the public service, and difficult to exit, so it is important we will have to make it happen for them to exit easy and be happy”.