National Women’s Day Celebrated

Department of Personal Management was part of the high level panel discussion during the National Women’s Day Celebration hosted by the Department of Prime Minister & NEC, in partnership with the Department of Community Development & Religion, and the Department of Communication & Information Technology.

The National Women’s Day was attended by most of the Government Departments and State Agencies in Port Moresby, on the 25th of March this year, at the APEC Haus.

The discussions were based on the topics of Women’s Mental Health and how their holistic health can affect their productivities, the forms of Harassment in the Workplace, and Women in APEC Region.

There were panelists of high profile  women in the government departments and DPM Secretary, Ms. Taies Sansan, and was chaired by the PM & NEC Secretary, Mr. Ivan Pomaleu.

More emphasis was placed on the issues affecting women and their performance at workplace.

Women were encouraged to have open discussions and conversations at workplace or to their support systems and have access to mental health resources and get the support they need.

The panelists highlighted that it is important for women to do check ups of their health and well-being and more awareness is needed to address women’s mental health in PNG as well as there is need to advocate for policies to address mental health.

 Secretary Ms. Sansan spoke about proper structure to support GESI to strengthen women network.

‘’We women in any organization need to open up on mental health issues. We need to be realistic,‘’ says Secretary Sansan.

The National Women’s Day is celebrated on every 25th of March each year.