DPM Hosts PS Male Advocacy 2024

Department of Personnel Management Gender Equity and Social  Inclusion (GESI) Whole of Government (WoG) Division hosted the first meeting of the Public Service Male Advocacy Network (MAN) for year 2024 at the Central  Government Office building on the 23rd of this month.

MAN representatives from several government agencies attended the meeting.

The meeting was a call to action for all members of the committee to work together towards creating a more inclusive and equitable society for all, especially a conducive working environment for all despite race, color, religion, gender or size.

GESI (WoG) Acting Manager, Ms. Amelia Raka emphasized the importance of addressing the issues of gender, race, color, Religion and such other identities in the fight to equality.

Ms. Raka encouraged the attendees to be critical and sensitive at the workplace when making reference and addressing co-workers and marginalized people.

Ms. Raka said the Gender Equity & Social Inclusion (GESI) Policy is a priority in the Public Service and is also outlined that under the Public Service Management Act section 22A, Departmental Heads are responsible for coordinating the GESI policy within their respective departments.

The mainstreaming of the policy has been implemented for the last 9 years, with DPM who coordinates all GESI activities and facilitates work plans with other stakeholders.

The highlight of the first meeting this month was a panel discussion by the GESI MAN committee members.

The Advocacy Network shared their experiences and insights on advocating for Gender Equity and Social Inclusion.

They shared challenges, benefits, achievements, and provided reports on the progress of having GESI MAN in the workplace.

One of the pioneer MAN advocate, Mr. John Rave told the committee that as a well-trained male advocate, he continues to run workshops and presentations in his workplace to advocate about the awareness of having an equitable and respectable workplace.

 “One of the achievements we see is staff being free to raise or report complaints to our GESI Desk which we dealt with all the complaints diligently,” said Mr. Rave.

PM&NEC GESI Principle Advisor, Mr. David Passirem said the high rate of    gender based violence remains a significant concern with many women, men and children experiencing violence of all forms, and faces limited  access to the justice system that needs to be addressed.

They were reminded to work together towards addressing workplace issues, and were praised that their voices have the power to create lasting change in the world.