Secretary Signs Contract

Department of Personnel Management Secretary, Ms. Taies Sansan signed her employment contract on the    extension of her term for another four years.

Secretary Sansan including six other Departmental Heads signed their contracts at the Government House this month.

PM & NEC Chief Secretary, Ambassador Ivan Pomaleu was there to witnessed the signing ceremony by the Acting Governor General, Job Pomat.

 Ambassador Pomaleu told the Departmental Heads and public servants that they hold important roles in shaping policies and implementing decisions for nation building.

He said the government’s decision in extending the terms of the majority of them was a significant decision to    provide stability and continuity of government services.

“The Government has recognized your valuable contributions to the public service. The decision to extend your contracts is usually based on your performance, experience and ability to lead effectively”, said Amb. Pomaleu.

He told the departmental heads that the process involved careful evaluation to ensure that the right individuals are chosen to continue guiding their department and serving the public’s interest.

He thanked them for their efforts and dedication to serving the public service.

“As the government faces challenges and transitions, maintaining a stable leadership within key departments becomes crucial for the effective  delivery of public  services”, said Mr. Pomaleu.

He said, by carefully evaluating their performances, the government can make inform decision that benefits both the organization and the public it serves.