The launching of the Department of Personnel Management Corporate Plan 2019-2022 was a milestone event and an achievement because the National Executive Council has approved this document to be used as a template for all other government departments and agencies including provincial administrations when developing their respective corporate plans.

DPM’s vision is “To have an efficient, ethical and value-oriented Public Servants who can provide Public Service to the people of Papua New Guinea” with the mission statement “For Papua New Guinea to have a cadre of qualified Public Servants who will enter the Public Service at the District level and enhance the provision of service to the people.

Good governance, among many things, was intricately woven into the planned activities with acting secretary duly accountable for all work plans in different divisions and streams by committing her Key Result Areas which are normally part of contracts to the work plan of the department.

This is where the Performance Management System (PMS) plays a vital role of ensuring departmental heads are accountable for the management of their respective agencies.

“I would like all Departments and Government Agencies to follow this format. We must cut down on unproductivity, reduce and refine the public bureaucracy to a lean machine and lessen maladministration including nepotism and outright corruption,” said Public Service Minister Elias Kapavore.

“DPM’s primary function is central to human resource development just as it is to the leadership and reinvigoration of the public service. However, to accomplish what should be done on different fronts, DPM must be smart and strategic in its thinking by taking proactive and decisive steps on the way forward.

Under this Corporate Plan, DPM will place more emphasis on the management of its Corporate Responsibility by being in the face of all agencies of government to ensure that whilst applying the delegated HR powers through the Public Service General Orders, taking a proactive step such as getting two or three individuals on one position to rectify continuous budget blowouts in personnel emoluments in the country’s national budget. All staff were smartly attired in the new Corporate Uniform to support Acting Secretary Sansan and Minister Kapavore launch the new Corporate Plan 2019-2022.