DPM & RPNGC Sign Off On Joint Circular

Department of Personnel Management and the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary have signed off on a joint Circular that now sees the absorption of officers from what was then the Department of Police into the Royal PNG Constabulary.

Speaking during the signing Secretary Ms. Taies Sansan said, the occasion marks bringing to a close the implementation of the NEC decision that abolished the Department of Police.

Secretary Sansan said, the signing will now see 293 officers transition into the constabulary. “The government has made a very important decision to really look at police force, the organization as part of the reforms. We must see this as part of the reforms and also encourage the other discipline forces to look at their end as well. This is part of the public sector reforms that we are embarking on”.

Secretary Sansan also encouraged the staff to perform to the best of their ability. Police Commissioner David Manning shared the same sentiments and acknowledged DPM for the work done behind the scenes to complete the process of transitioning the staff into the constabulary.

“We expect you all (staff) to continue to work to the best of your abilities serving the people of this country”. The officers who will be absorbed into the RPNGC structure and their entitlements and service will continue from when they were in the department.

Secretary Sansan announced that compulsory retirement and superannuation for the officers remain unchanged.