GESI Runs Sensitization Program For Immigration Officers.

Senior GESI Officer Amelia Raka (standing) making her presentation

The WoG Gender Equity & Social Inclusion (GESI) team has completed 2 weeks of GESI sensitization and mainstreaming training for managers and senior Immigration officers at APEC HAUS from the 1st -10th February.

This consisted of four batches with 20 officers in each batch. Senior GESI officer Ms. Amelia Raka said, they decided to conduct the sensitization program to run parallel with consultation of participants

“It gave us the opportunity to also consult the participants that came from Immigration & Citizenship Authority on their workplace policies that was the internal GESI mainstream policy, their gender base violence and sexual harassment workplace policy and the health and well being workplace policy.

The outcome of these policies will be incorporated into three draft plans which will then be submitted to the Senior Management Team for approval and endorsement by the Chief Migration Officer.

Once that is done, then the three policies will be launched for ICA so the rationale behind conducting consultation with the staff on the three policies was basically to do a hands on practical on how the GESI principles on values are used to be mainstreamed into the different business processes they have and that is policy drafting, said Ms Raka.

Ms. Raka also said, that a code of conduct is now under review and it was all the more reason for the consultations to be done. The review of ICA code of conduct will incorporate the GESI principles and values, values of respect, responsibility, accountability, wisdom, understanding and honesty and of course equitability inclusiveness and reasonable accommodation.

Sensitizing the officers but also equipping them with hands on experience on how they can mainstream the values of GESI and the principles of GESI into their everyday business processes.