Housing Committee Members

An internal Housing Committee has been set up to coordinate and oversee the DPM Internal staff home ownership scheme and advise the Executive Management on home ownership strategies relating to the Housing program at Duran farm. 

The Housing Committee made up of 12 staff from various wings convened its first meeting on the 16th of February to start the ball rolling.

Among other responsibilities of the Housing Committee is to ensure submission of reports and briefs to Secretary, provide timely advise to EMT on the home ownership scheme.

The Committee’s first meeting chaired by chairperson of the Committee and Executive Manager Public Service Housing Ms. Nancy Levi was given an update on the Duran Farm project. 

In providing an update to the Committee Mrs. Levi said, DPM will be signing an Memorandum of Understanding with NHC soon on the 100 allotments for DPM staff.

She said, a number of issues will have to be resolved prior to the signing of the MOU. 

Terms of reference for the Committee is being drafted and a work plan for the committee members is also being put together. The Committee will be doing a site visit of the allotments for DPM.

The committee will be meeting bi monthly to progress all its responsibilities as per its work plan.