HRDSP to Lift Public Service Standards

The Human Resources strategic development plan 2023- 2050 is going to lift the public service standards and improve the performance of public servants in the country in the next thirty years says Department of Personnel Management Executive Manager for Strategic Policy Development Ms. Ida Yuki at the week -long DPM Reforms Regional workshop held in Kokopo East New Britain Province. 

The human resource development strategic plan is the long-term plan that aims to raise the next generation of nation builders and a cadre of public servants who will lift and raise the public service workforce says Ms. Yuki. 

She said the HRDSP aims to drive future public service workforce planning strategies from entry, through career progression and exit through the identified eight thematic areas which would like to transform the public service image in the country. 

“The eight thematic areas are reducing the size of the bloated public service; ensuring that DPM’s corporate responsibilities are responsibly executed; raising the next generation of next nation builders whilst enhancing the nationalism and the competency level; to redistribute service delivery and have 70% of manpower based in the districts; 20% in the provinces  and 10% in the national level”, improve terms and condition of public service employees, tough penalties for maladministration, institutionalize public service data base and plan for future public service workforce”. 

Ms. Yuki said the HRDSP plan was launched in 2021 by Hon. Joe Sungi Minister for Public Service and the Prime Minister James Marape however funding was an issue that is why the Department of Personnel Management is rolling it out this year. 

She said, it is part of the awareness to inform and transform the mindset of the public service out there that we could work towards those eight goals to change the look of the public service. We are basically targeting the new entry of graduates who enter the public service by making it a competitive employer and not just a place where anyone can just walk in and get a job. 

“The public servants who enter the public service, they have to be qualified and they must understand how the PS system works, in that way we know that they mean business and are not just here for the pay but are here to serve their people and to effectively deliver services to them” says Ms. Yuki. 

That’s the whole idea of the HRDSP plan and those eight thematic areas addresses the different issues that we have been confronted with in terms of the payroll bill, the code of ethics and business conduct added Ms. Yuki. 

“We are compiling and putting them together, identifying them and we are now working towards addressing some of those areas of which creating terms and conditions that are attractive and encouraging for the public servants who will be entering the service”. 

She said, by setting those good terms and conditions like we have already started with the PS life and medical insurance scheme and the housing policy which are the tools that we are using to achieve those eight goals and we are hoping that the new public servants that come in will be up-skilled, competitive, qualified, with the right attitude and who are passionate about their work and are ready deliver services to their people.