Participants Reminded of PMS Importance

Administration of the Performance Management System by respective agencies heads is critical and important and awareness on this continues as the Department of Personnel Management Reforms Regional Workshops progress.  

It is a HR process for managing performance of agency heads and prior to 2018 there was not a system to measure and asses the performance of agency heads. 

“One of the things that regional workshop is here to address is to conduct awareness to the provincial administrations in the NGI region about the Performance Management System based on their contracts of employment” says DPM executive Manager for Executive Contracts Admin and Assessment Mrs. Marita Kouga. 

She said, the contracts are performance-based contracts so they should be assessed like the rest of the Public Servants. The key components of the Performance Management system are the key result areas that they must develop and identify the key performance indicators so that on annual basis they must perform against these to make sure their mandated responsibilities are performed to deliver services to our people. 

“The Performance Management System commits each agency heads to performance targets as agreed to with each portfolio minister, departmental heads, governors or board Chairmans on a regular basis and to verify the overall delivery of services and reported to the National Executive Council by the Secretary for DPM”.

According to the Public Service Management Act 1995, it provides for the appraisal of the performance of agency heads that is consistent with their contracts of employment.

Hence the PMS system focuses on promoting and ensuring the ethical behaviors based on the core values of: accountability, responsibility integrity, honesty, wisdom and respect are practiced in the public service.

Furthermore, the PMS system also utilizes the internet by using the online PMS application system that manages the KRA’s for agency heads since its rollout in 2019.

“The online PMS system uses the internet to input key result areas, its key performance indicators, monitor and update quarterly KPI deliverables and progress status assessing yearly KRA’s by agency heads and political heads”’.

However, a main challenge that the Department of Personnel Management faces in administering the PMS business process is compliance from agencies in ensuring that PMS as the agency head’s contractual obligation must be administered properly so that performances are assessed objectively.