Milestone Achievements for the Department

L-R: Ms Dorris Minibi and Ms Roselyn Wrakuavia  posing with their certificates after the graduation.

Four DPM Officers graduated on the 24th of this month from the University of Papua New Guinea’s School of Business and Public Policy.

 They are; Ms Roselyn Wrakuavia, Director National Agencies who graduated with a Masters Degree in Economics and Public Policy and three others were Mr. Joe Kipsy, Senior Strategic Workforce Planning Officer, Mrs. Christine Lakani, Senior Contracts Advisor New Guinea Islands Region, and Ms. Dorris Mininbi, Help Desk Coordinator Human Resource & Management who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management Human Resource Management (BBM HRM) Professional     Studies.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Ms. Wrakuavia thanked the Department, the Secretary and HR for giving them the opportunity to complete their studies.

“I thank the department for allowing me the time-off to do my studies and also my division for the understanding and family for the support”, said Ms Wrakuavia.

She extended her gratitude on behalf of the other three graduates to the department for the sponsorship and said that the achievements that they gained waqs for the department because the skills and competencies acquired will assist them to do their jobs better and on a higher level. 

Ms Roselyn Wrakuavia with her Certificate.

She thanked Secretary MS Taies Sansan for her leadership which enabled DPM staff and other Public Servants to apply for the Australian Awards Scholarship, and said  that this has helped to reduce costs and also builds their capacity and competency.

Ms. Wrakuavia applauded for the program to continue and give opportunity for officers who have served longer in the department and who have not had an opportunity to be part of such an arrangement.

Mrs. Christine Lakani also offered her appreciation to the department and to the Secretary for endorsing her training program as this achievement will enhance her career in Human Resource Management and Contracts Administration.

She said this opportunity has revealed to her that those who have been in the department for so long without undergoing training lack experience and certain skills, therefore, the training program is needed to enhance their knowledge and capacity building.

“The program has helped me and it is very important that officers who are long-term staff of the department be given the same opportunity to build their skills and knowledge and excel in their own respective jobs in the department.