Public Prosecutors Receive GESI Certificate

Lawyers and Staff of the Public Prosecution Office took a group photo after the GESI Workshop.

Thirty-two lawyers from the Office of the  Public Prosecutor received their certificates of attainment in September this year, after  attending a two-day Gender Equity and Social Inclusion workshop recently in Port Moresby.The purpose of the workshop was to equip and educate public servants on the role of the GESI policy and how it can be applied and integrated into the workplace policy.

DPM GESI Whole of Government team facilitated the workshop.

Public Prosecutor Mr. Pondrus Kaluwin in his opening remarks stressed the importance of the GESI policy implementation in the public service.

Mr Kaluwin said, everywhere in the world today, there is a likelihood of gender issues and inequality in the workforce therefore these   issues need to be ironed out to ensure that the workplace is a place for work and that operations can run smoothly to produce what the country wants.

Participants expressed their expectations of the workshop and what they hoped to achieve at the end of the workshop.

A participant, legal officer Ms Soynna Binding who is attached with the General Prosecutions unit in the Waigani office said that the workshop has taught her the importance of Gender Equity and Social Inclusion.

Ms Binding promised to take on the role to implement GESI in all spaces of work within the Public Service and the Private sector.

“I understand that it was not about encouraging sameness but about encouraging each other that we must support each other in order for the whole of the organization and the public service to efficiently work,” said Ms Binding.

“I will be implementing this in my approach towards all the different groups of people I come across in my line of duty and also be a catalyst of change in terms of calling out those who know these policies and  ignore it and also inform those who aren’t aware of them” said Ms Binding.

Present at the certificate ceremony was the Chief Public Prosecutor Mr. Kaluwin, JSS4D Advisor Ruby Awa and Ms. Linda Shank Advisor for Family and Sexual Violence Prosecutor and Acting Manager GESI Coordination and Mainstreaming-WOG, Ms. Amelia Raka, who represented Department of Personnel Management.