TWG to Scrutinize Public Servants Contesting 2022 Elections

Members of the TWG during a recent meeting.

The Technical Working Group has resolved to ensure all public servants who will be contesting the 2022 General elections are placed on the data base created for public servants.

This comes as more public servants try to evade due process in light of the amendments to the Public Service Management Act, which now requires public servants to resign 12 months prior to issue of writs to re-enter the public service after 5 years, if they have resigned to contest the elections.

The Public Service Management Act is very clear, and DPM will write to former public servants who will be contesting this year’s election, but have tendered their resignation as ‘normal resignation’ or after the 28th of October, 2021 to reconsider   contesting.

DPM will ensure recruitment and selection processes will be tightened to ensure such public servants re-enter the public     service through the normal recruitment process and only after five years if they lose the elections.