Another DPM Achievement

Photos L-R: Jacob Tese with his degree certificate. Josephine Konjib receiving her degree certificate. And Tese  poses with his daughter after the graduation.

“The future belongs to those who dream and who believe in their dreams”.

This statement has inspired two senior staff of the   Department of Personnel Management to pursue a higher educational qualification and achievement in their professional careers.

Ms. Josephine Konjib, Manager Southern Region, and Mr. Jacob Tese, Acting Manager Salaries &        Conditions Monitoring   Committee have recently graduated with Masters of Economics and Public Policy (MEPP) at the 67th Graduation at the University of Papua New Guinea.

Ms. Konjib has been with the Department for over two decades since commencing in November of year 2000.

In 2012, Ms. Konjib was awarded an Australian awards scholarship to Flinders University in Australia to do her Bachelor in Government & Public Management (BGPM).

After completing her studies, she returned in 2016 and took up the position of Manager – Southern Region, Infrastructure, Law & Justice Branch, under the formerly Monitoring & Compliance Division.

She is currently the Manager Compliance, Southern Region.

Ms. Konjib did not settle for a Degree and in 2020, she was awarded another Australian scholarship award to attain her Masters at UPNG, which has seen her graduate this year this year with a masters.

Like Ms Konjib, Mr. Jacob Tese attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Public Policy   Management in 2007 at UPNG.

He worked his career up and joined DPM in 2011 as a Research Officer with the SCMC Branch.

After four years in the department, he was promoted to the Senior SCMC Research Officer position in 2015.

In 2017 he received another promotion as Acting Manager Resource Data Management.

Tese said he needed to upgrade his education background and improve his skills and knowledge to fit such managerial positions.

While studying for his Master’s program, he was appointed the Acting Manager SCMC position which he currently holds.

Both Tese and Konjib graduated with flying colors, a gain for themselves, their families and the Department.

DPM’s Public Sector Career Path is one of the policies developed in the Human Resource Development Strategic Plan 2020-2050, as a way forward for the future cadre of public servants. Tese and Konjib have urged fellow colleagues to follow their dreams, make use of the available opportunities to better their career.