DPM Continues Reforms Workshop for Momase Region

The Department of Personnel Management has commenced the DPM Reforms Regional Workshop for Momase Region this week in Lae Morobe Province.

Deputy Secretary Policy & Reforms Mr. Ellison Kalimet who delivered the keynote address on behalf of Secretary Ms. Taies Sansan welcomed the participants from the Momase Region to the 3rd leg of the week- long workshop starting today Monday the 06th of November and ending on Friday the 10th of November.

Mr. Kalimet told the participants that the workshop is important because it will highlight key initiatives that the Department of Personnel Management is undertaking which the participants will be informed of during the course of the workshop.

“DPM has been working on a number of government initiatives and among them is the Housing Policy and the Medical and Life Insurance scheme” says Deputy Secretary Mr. Ellison Kalimet.

He said, Department of Personnel Management has partnered with The National Research Institute (NRI) to develop a Housing Policy which through this collaboration has cemented a partnership that will put forward the right policies that will guide housing for public servants in the country.

In expressing Secretary DPM’s sentiments Mr. Kalimet told the participants at the workshop that the development of a housing policy is the way forward that will set the foundation of addressing the housing issue for not only the public service but for Papua new Guineans as a whole.

The housing policies develop will incorporate housing as a condition of employment in the district, provincial and national level and DPM is working to deliver the policies that will set the roadmap to deliver institutional housing for public servants.

Mr. Kalimet thanked the Marape/ Rosso government for taking the bold step to support the Public Service Ministry to push the department of personnel Management to find ways to deliver on this pressing issue of housing for Public Servants.

Provincial Administrator for Morobe Province Mr. Max Brutan who officially opened the workshop on Morobe Governor Luther Wenge’s behalf thanked Secretary DPM and her team for organizing and facilitating this regional workshop that is going to address legacy issues in the public service. “We are very proud that the Secretary and her team are here to address some of the legacy issues as well as new strategies and initiatives going forward on how we can be able to stand together to address the issues of our public servants” says Mr. Brutan.