More than 30 staff of the Department for Community Development and Religion are currently being trained by Department of Personnel Management Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Whole of Government officers in sensitization and mainstreaming of the Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Policy.

This workshop is basically to introduce the GESI Policy, which is a new Government Policy, why this policy is important and how it can be embedded into the National Public Service work culture.

DfCDR Deputy Secretary for Corporate Services encouraged his officers to learn as much as possible when they are given the opportunity.

GESI WOG Manager, Emmanuel Ginis, assured the DfCDR participants that though their department is mandated by government to carry out this policy, DPM is coming from an administrative point of view and to work alongside other government departments to ensure that this policy is embedded into the work culture.

DfCDR officers were very excited about this workshop because they can now be able to contribute to GESI implementation, having an in-depth knowledge of the policy and how they can apply it to their respective workplaces.

The GESI Policy Implementation Planning Session is two-fold, sensitization which is the introduction to the policy and mainstreaming which is embedding the policy into work plans and work cultures.

This PIPS workshop will cover the whole DfCDR officers so that in their respective divisions and branches they can be able to work equitably and inclusively. DPM initiated the GESI Policy and is the custodian of this policy and so far more than a thousand public servants throughout the country.