Internal GESI Policy launching for DoWH

Department of Works and Highways launched their Internal Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Policy (GESI) early this month, the department is the third agency in the whole of Government to launch its Internal GESI policy and Workforce Planning and Development Policy.

Acting Manager GESI Coordination and Mainstreaming Ms. Amelia Raka congratulated the Department of Works and Highways on behalf of Secretary Ms. Taies Sansan on their leadership and tireless effort on ensuring GESI is institutionalized in the department.

“Today marks a significant milestone where your agency has now become the third agency in the whole of   government to launch its GESI policy and Workforce Planning  and Development policy that ensures to demonstrates a commitment to undertake and implement principles and values of the National Public Service GESI  policy through specific actions that value and respect the diversity of the employees within the organization and maintain to provide a workplace that is fair, equitable, accessible and   inclusive” says Ms. Raka.

Ms. Raka  said that through the implementation of the Internal GESI policy and Workforce Planning and development policies specific steps and actions will be undertaken by their respective divisions and branches to focus on achieving the department’s that will reflect fairness,   equitability, accessibility and inclusiveness to be the trademark and brand of the department.

Secretary for Works and Highways Mr. David Wereh said that he believes that the launching of these two policies are very important and will continue to promote the idea of giving equal opportunity and equal participation.

The department of Works and Highways has been pioneering agency in the government in 2014 through the work of the Late. Mr Kereke who was a passionate advocate and role model in grounding GESI in the initial stages of the roll-out of the NPS GESI policy in the department.